— Enter the world of wine passion. It will be a travel extravaganza, a wine culture pageant, and a formal education website dedicated to an exciting, truly “wined” experience —

The Wined will be updated and refreshed with my observations, encounters, and my person anecdotes during this one year journey. It will be always available for you - wine lovers, wine enthusiasts, friends, family, and so on - to live, along with me, and through my articles, my worldwide wine discoveries.


Reims, Champagne, France

— The world of wine called out to me even when I was little. —

Originally from Reims, I began my business studies in the International Business Administration dual degree program with NEOMA Business School and continued with an exchange program of three years at the University of International Business and Economics of Beijing. After staying 4 years in Beijing, China, studying and eventually working for an international wine and alcohol distribution company, I decided to return to my studies in the Wine and Spirit field with the OIV MSc program.

The Program


— France - Swiss - Italy - Spain - Portugal - Brasil - Uruguay - Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Greece - Bulgary - Germany - Belgium - Norway - Sweden - Denmark - Georgia - Hong-Kong - China - Korea - Japan - Hungary - Austria - USA – Canada —

The OIV MSc master’s degree is a wine specific international training program offering the experience of traveling in 26 wine producing countries and learning from world leaders in the wine industry.

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